Today at my desk in Royal Enfield, out of the blue, I happen to revisit the memory lane. Went back in time to see what all have I done. How did I reach here? The place where I belong. It’s not easy. And no, I’m not ‘LUCKY’ as they all say!

This 30-year old woman that you virtually know, has had a life worth sharing! And here’s one page of that life – 30 years, 30 jobs!

My work has taught me a lot! And whatever I am today, is because of the work I did.

PS – I wish I had pictures for each one of them, unfortunately I don’t! But a little story I do. Here you go:

  1. My 1st job – After my 12th, during the summer holidays, those were the years of BPOs in India. I joined IRD infotech Panchkula and started working as a customer service…

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I’m not a quintessential Indian Girl, and here’s my story!