10 Best Breakfast Places in Bangalore to Eat Like a Bangalorean


  1. Brahmins Coffee Bar: You should definitely have the idly, wada, kara bath, kesari bath and tea/coffee as these are the only options available. Waiting in the lengthy queue will makes your taste buds crave more. You would not believe such less pricing exists in Bangalore. No sambhar and only serves the above 5 dishes. Serving since 1965, started by late Sri K V. Nageshwar Adiga, whose son N Vasudev Adiga now owns the  chain of Adiga’s.


  1. Vidyardhi Bhavan: Serving 1943, located in Basavangudi, South Bangalore and popular for the Masala Dosa. This is one of the Landmarks of Old Bangalore. The testimonials for this place go from the current Chief Minister Mr. Siddaramaiah, former CM to former PM and former chief Justice of India.



  1. Airlines Hotel: Located Lavelle Road, this is a popular Bikers joint with open sitting area and people visiting from Cubbon park…

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Yes I am a girl,  the same girl who you treat as Goddess Durga during the nine days of Navrati, the same girl who you call Laxmi and the same girl who is everyone’s ladli. But unfortunately I loose all of this as I grow old. Slowly society’s view towards me change. The girl once called laxmi now becomes a burden. I am merely an object for people to use as and when they need me. But I won’t take it anymore, I am a girl full of dreams. I know where I come from and hold the courage to explore the world. I am willing to accept the criticism of society. Yes it’s time for me to celebrate womanhood. 
Today I ask all of you in this man dominating society, why can’t I roam around freely like my brother? Why cant I wear a sleeveless top n shorts? Why cant I have a bottle of beer with my friends?  Why cant I have male friends and not be judged by society?  Why cant my parents have a sound sleep when l am still out for my work at night?  Why is my character questioned when I get promoted?  Why cant I live alone in a metro city without being called a whore?  Why am I considered weak? Why Is the son called the support system of the house? 

I urge for respect. I demand for equality. Give me freedom from – ‘ Log kya kahenge’.(What will the society say) 

Don’t pamper me, make me strong to fight against the odds. Let me share the expenses, let me pay my own bills. Let me walk besides you. Let me spread my wings and touch the sky. Allow me to chase my dreams and fulfil my desires. Trust me I’ll prove myself.

Let me be ME… Just Me…

Photo and Write Up: Pratik Sureka 

Edited by: Pooja Sahni