Does Anybody Know????

No one really knows how I feel,

Nobody really cares.
If I try to voice my opinion,
All they do is stare.

My heart is so broken,
And no one can mend it for me.
Its like everyone I care about is on a heartbreaking spree.

I like being around people,
who make a difference to me.
And all those who like me for what I am,
And not what I can be.

Its so hard to face failure,
over and over again.
It makes me feel that Ill never,
NEVER be peaceful again.

I am going insane,
I don’t know what to do.
Sometimes I get so pissed off,
I feel like saying # @ ! >  you.

God whats your plan for me.
I so want to know.
I’ll go happily,
Wherever you want me to go.

I am tired of my life,
there is no one for me.
Not even the person,
who i promised to love for eternity.

He always takes me for granted,
that he has me in his life.
But the things he says and does to me,
pierce me like a knife.

I am so lonely,
and I am so blue.
Its like life tells me,

I sit alone in the corner and cry,
And really wished that I could die.

As this thought crosses my mind,
I wish there was relief of some other kind.
To this wish there was no other find.
I pray for my life to go in rewind.

Rewind it to the times I was happy,
And really didn’t have to care.
And have that kind of freedom,
where I’d feel that my life is fair.

All I pray to the lord above,
wherever he may be.
To shower his blessings upon me,
and to love me till eternity.

I just pray that my life shapes up,
And for that am never going to give up.

If i do give up,
it’ll be after i die.
When I look down on earth and say,