Raksha Bandhan – A bond with blood brothers or the brothers of the nation?

As I recover from the mesmerising trip into the mountains, just a day before the celebrations of Raksha Bandhan, I had this thought that struck a chord deep within.

When I was young we went over to my Aunts place for the annual ritual of tying a rakhi to my cousin. Little did I know, that as time passed, all of us would be in different corners of the world. I would wait to re-live those moments, sitting year after year, for someone to reach out to me, as I craved to bond with my brother who was miles away at University.

Coming back to the trip to the mountains – what started off as a picnic, turned out to be the the most memorable of trips, ever. Out there in the cold and rocky terrain, one can’t really play games with the mountains. It is said, that if you treat them bad, they consume you. 

I had my fingers crossed, as everyday we made our way through those rocky roads, with the ever changing colours on every turn. On a particular day, after a gruelling first half, our bus came to a sudden halt. Being the inquisitive one that I am, I popped my head out of the window only to see a line of army trucks full of jawans being shifted from one base to another. I was amazed to see their smiling faces and that’s when I started to wonder.

When will they go home? How soon will they meet their families? How many months have they been away from home? The questions that popped up in my head were relentless. Never did I ever realise what those guys go through during festivals, where their family celebrated with fear in their hearts of losing them, at the battle-front. 

How many stories have made headlines, where they had to cut short their vacation, because of tension at the border; or leave their home with the thought of not being able to get back sooner. The number of sacrifices made by them being never ending and for what? 

This Raksha Bandhan I’d like to pay a tribute to those many jawans who lay down their lives for us to be safe. According to me, they are my real brothers and sisters, who fight day and night at the line of control, just so we can sleep peacefully in the comfort of our home. 

This trip into the mountains has been an eye opener in more than one way. Along with the scenic beauty it had to offer, it gave me a sense of belonging and also a sense of pride, seeing those amazing people sacrificing their family life for the good of others.

Happy Raksha Bandhan to all my brothers and sisters out there who live everyday in stress to keep us at peace.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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