My take on the Royal Enfield Himalayan Sleet + Explorer Kit

The launch of the BSIV Himalayan placed a big grin on my face, particularly the ‘Sleet + Explorer Kit’

Back in 2016, when I got my Himalayan, I was completely bowled over by the stance of the bike, the fact that it could go everywhere and that it came with all necessary elements I needed to fuel my road trip cravings. It has been a decision I’ve celebrated every single day. Yes, even with a few part failures and the corresponding trips to replace them. Because the sheer joy of riding the Himalayan has been terrific. Thanks to the commanding riding position and the comfort in the riding triangle. Plus, the ‘soak every nasty jolt’ ability of the long-travel suspension is unparalleled. No other motorcycle on sale in the 2 Lakh range had brought me so much happiness before.

Having got my bike, I hit the road, riding to Pune & Kolhapur. I rode down to Goa for Rider Mania 2016, did multiple breakfast rides and even managed to smile on the in-city runs. Amidst all that, were the fine people I met, every time I rode, everywhere I went. From the humble chai-walla to the highway restaurant owner, villagers in remote hamlets and fellow-motorists on fancier wheels – everyone smiled and waved me along. I’ve made friends in the most unexpected of places and all this is thanks to the Himalayan.

The BSIV version takes all the good of the Himalayan and boosts it up with just the right upgrades. Then, things go up a few notches, with the Sleet + Explorer Kit. Available on sale, for the 500 lucky buyers who register online, it comes with some nice, highly desirable specialist touring bits, at a great price. Designed to make the long-distance rough road travel a lot more complete, the kit consists of some essential touring bits pre-fitted, to make the long hauls convenient.

These include, a thick-walled handlebar that promises to offer better ergonomics for long days in the saddle, complete with a cross-brace to offer extra strength when roughing it out. This is capped off by CNC-machined bar-end weights that aim to dampen the vibes and improve comfort, while providing additional protection for the handlebar.

Larger guards, made from corrosion resistant 22mm steel serve to keep the engine from getting damaged during the occasional fall.

The party piece however, are the 26 litre aluminium construction panniers and the mounting hardware associated with them. The panniers are a great way to carry your world with you on those long days on the road (and off it too). They’re lockable and weather resistant by design for added peace of mind. The panniers are matched perfectly with the mounting rails, which are made from 18mm steel tubes.

The Himalayan Sleet + Explorer Kit offers a long distance touring ready solution, straight out of the showroom. Thus, if you are in the market for a brand-new Himalayan, it does make sense to go the pre-fitted route and get an integrated kit at a great price.

All 500 units sold out within a day of sale, The Himalayan Sleet has the buyers looking forward to a great adventure on road and off it!

Once you get delivery of your ‘special’ steed, do wave back if you find a girl on a Granite Black BSIII Himalayan waving at you, out on the road somewhere.

Ride Safe & see you around!