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Quality Riding Gear and Why It’s Important For You

A quality helmet is the one piece of riding gear I always wear when on the bike. Not because it is mandated by law, but because, my head (and what’s inside), is worth it. 

Many laughed at me when I bought a helmet even before I had a bike of my own. But I insisted on wearing it even when riding pillion. This habit is what saved my life four monsoons ago, when the bike skid without warning and sent us tumbling onto the tarmac. I remember three solid bumps on the head before everything disappeared in a blur. It was the helmet which saved me from potentially fatal head-trauma, and sent me home with only a throbbing headache that night. 

The second crash happened at walking speeds, and yet, it left me with a bruised knee. I’m the tarmac loving type and only occasionally venture onto trails. I lost my balance on one such gravel slope and ended up dropping the bike at a stand-still. Unfortunately for me, I’d left my knee guard back home that day (yes, I know, ATGATT). The result? I landed my knee on a stone on that hill-slope that left me sore for days afterwards. Looking back at the video footage of that crash was an embarrassing reminder of just how vulnerable we are to the possibility of a painful crash even when it barely registers on the speedo. 

Motorcycling safety proponents swear by the adage, ‘All the Gear, All the Time’, or, ‘ATGATT’. Simply put, it means to be covered from head-to-toe for abrasion and impact protection in the event of a crash. But given our environmental conditions and the riding infrastructure, ATGATT isn’t always the practical choice. But when two-wheeler manufacturers such as Royal Enfield start to offer a wide range of gear choices to riders, one can’t help but applaud their decision to improve the riding safety standards. 

The Royal Enfield Gear
portfolio is a contemporary collection of riding gear across the protection spectrum. From helmets and gloves to jackets, pants and boots, Royal Enfield has enough choices on offer, to suit the needs of riders, irrespective of their riding level and climatic conditions. Urban Riders, for example, can opt for mesh riding jackets; oil pull-up leather boots and canvas sneakers with anatomically shaped ankle protection, toe-shifters and hell cups; DOT & ISI certified half-face, as well as full face helmets, and short gloves. 

The Urban Riding gear pairs a competent level of protection with a city specific aesthetic that sets the rider apart, not just on the daily commute, but also on the short, weekend ride. Royal Enfield has also roped in some of the biggest names in the riding protection world, such as REV’IT! – in offering highly technical riding gear to suit the requirements of long distance riders. 

Wearing the best protection possible could mean the difference between dusting off and continuing to ride or spending more on painful down-time. Moreover, when you’ve got this level of access to quality riding gear, across the utility and pricing spectrum, it really is a no-brainer to go up the ATGATT ladder. After all, our riding conditions being what they are, you never know what’s going to hit you next. So best to be prepared! 

Rev Safe, Ride Happy y’all 


Does Anybody Know????

No one really knows how I feel,

Nobody really cares.
If I try to voice my opinion,
All they do is stare.

My heart is so broken,
And no one can mend it for me.
Its like everyone I care about is on a heartbreaking spree.

I like being around people,
who make a difference to me.
And all those who like me for what I am,
And not what I can be.

Its so hard to face failure,
over and over again.
It makes me feel that Ill never,
NEVER be peaceful again.

I am going insane,
I don’t know what to do.
Sometimes I get so pissed off,
I feel like saying # @ ! >  you.

God whats your plan for me.
I so want to know.
I’ll go happily,
Wherever you want me to go.

I am tired of my life,
there is no one for me.
Not even the person,
who i promised to love for eternity.

He always takes me for granted,
that he has me in his life.
But the things he says and does to me,
pierce me like a knife.

I am so lonely,
and I am so blue.
Its like life tells me,

I sit alone in the corner and cry,
And really wished that I could die.

As this thought crosses my mind,
I wish there was relief of some other kind.
To this wish there was no other find.
I pray for my life to go in rewind.

Rewind it to the times I was happy,
And really didn’t have to care.
And have that kind of freedom,
where I’d feel that my life is fair.

All I pray to the lord above,
wherever he may be.
To shower his blessings upon me,
and to love me till eternity.

I just pray that my life shapes up,
And for that am never going to give up.

If i do give up,
it’ll be after i die.
When I look down on earth and say,


I walked alone…

image“I lay there alone, so missed someone by my side.

Didn’t realise how difficult it would be facing this world all by myself.

Looked high and low for some companionship, but all I saw was this brutal gray world.

I came alone into this world and it felt so incomplete.

Then along came a companion to make my life complete.

Made me blush into this beautiful red, someone who made my life colourful again.

I thank god for the unconditional happiness and love he showered upon me, sent this angel into my life.

An angel who is helping me, guiding me and making my life whole again.”