My #DeMonetization experience & some thoughts stemming from it



8th November, 2016 began on a fabulous note for me. Yummy home cooked food, my favourite folks around me and the preparations of an exciting two-week long motorcycling trip that was to begin the next day. I’d gone to the ATM and withdrawn 10 Thousand rupees, to help me with liquidity for the expenses in the coming days.

Post-dinner, I was just catching up with the boys down the street, when this pal comes up & says, hey dude, do you know, 500 & 1000 rupee notes are banned from midnight. Abuses flowed as I mocked his gullibility at believing everything that’s forwarded on WhatsApp and I asked him to grow up & stop trying to spread such baseless + dangerous rumours. Just as he was trying to convince me that his words were true, the phone rang – it was Dad. Come home immediately, he said. The tone meant…

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10 Best Breakfast Places in Bangalore to Eat Like a Bangalorean


  1. Brahmins Coffee Bar: You should definitely have the idly, wada, kara bath, kesari bath and tea/coffee as these are the only options available. Waiting in the lengthy queue will makes your taste buds crave more. You would not believe such less pricing exists in Bangalore. No sambhar and only serves the above 5 dishes. Serving since 1965, started by late Sri K V. Nageshwar Adiga, whose son N Vasudev Adiga now owns the  chain of Adiga’s.


  1. Vidyardhi Bhavan: Serving 1943, located in Basavangudi, South Bangalore and popular for the Masala Dosa. This is one of the Landmarks of Old Bangalore. The testimonials for this place go from the current Chief Minister Mr. Siddaramaiah, former CM to former PM and former chief Justice of India.



  1. Airlines Hotel: Located Lavelle Road, this is a popular Bikers joint with open sitting area and people visiting from Cubbon park…

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Yes I am a girl,  the same girl who you treat as Goddess Durga during the nine days of Navrati, the same girl who you call Laxmi and the same girl who is everyone’s ladli. But unfortunately I loose all of this as I grow old. Slowly society’s view towards me change. The girl once called laxmi now becomes a burden. I am merely an object for people to use as and when they need me. But I won’t take it anymore, I am a girl full of dreams. I know where I come from and hold the courage to explore the world. I am willing to accept the criticism of society. Yes it’s time for me to celebrate womanhood. 
Today I ask all of you in this man dominating society, why can’t I roam around freely like my brother? Why cant I wear a sleeveless top n shorts? Why cant I have a bottle of beer with my friends?  Why cant I have male friends and not be judged by society?  Why cant my parents have a sound sleep when l am still out for my work at night?  Why is my character questioned when I get promoted?  Why cant I live alone in a metro city without being called a whore?  Why am I considered weak? Why Is the son called the support system of the house? 

I urge for respect. I demand for equality. Give me freedom from – ‘ Log kya kahenge’.(What will the society say) 

Don’t pamper me, make me strong to fight against the odds. Let me share the expenses, let me pay my own bills. Let me walk besides you. Let me spread my wings and touch the sky. Allow me to chase my dreams and fulfil my desires. Trust me I’ll prove myself.

Let me be ME… Just Me…

Photo and Write Up: Pratik Sureka 

Edited by: Pooja Sahni




​In today’s technological emotionless trending world, where every bit of a news spreads like a wild fire, I came across a Short Film on Youtube which pierced its strong tremorising message in my mind and forced me to pen down this blog.

A hindi short film titled “Breaking News” on youtube ( Youtube Link https://youtu.be/NhLWruDLLDQ I recommend you all to watch it once you you are done reading this blog), merely a 9 minutes video gave out a strong message about our current insensitive hunger striken media. Media is just hungry for, “The Front Page News”. No matter what, how, who, what matter the most is just the Front Page news.

One of the greatest achievements of Independent India was our free and vibrant media. This was an accomplishment of direct relevance to the working of democracy. But as per the current scenario, today’s media is not interested in their…

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The Key Maker 


The Key Maker The Key Maker

The KeyMaker, aka chaabi-waala. There’s one in every neighborhood, out here in Bombay at least. Absolute life savers, these guys are magicians. They sit by their small stall, working through heat, noise, rain & grime. Offering their services on a round-the-clock basis, they’re in regular demand by locked out home owners.

There is however, a second group that’s heavily reliant on the KeyMaker & that’s the forgetful biker. Typically spotted on some road trip with a motorcycle Laden with luggage & frantically searching for the missing key. It is in these situations that the KeyMaker comes across like a Godsend. After one such incident where a KeyMaker 10 kilometres away came to the rescue on a trip, i needed no convincing of the KeyMaker’s existence in my life. 

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The gambit – women, motorcycles and empowerment

The Petrolette


I’ve been riding motorcycles for a fair amount of time, two decades to be precise. And in this 20 year long relationship with bikes I’ve met many women motorcyclists; some of them beginners, while some having logged thousands of miles on the saddle, not just in India but also abroad. When I started riding there were very few women around me who rode. The one’s who did were usually commuters who’d merely use motorcycles as a mode of transportation. I’d consider it a lucky day if I saw even one woman motorcyclist in Pune 10-15 years ago. It usually came as a surprise for most, although it does even now.

But things have changed gradually; more and more women are now riding motorcycles not just as a mere means of commuting, but out of passion. You don’t see women ride puny 100cc motorcycles handed down by the men of the…

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