What Bombay taught me!!

Came across this beautiful caption given by my dear friend Ashish Gada and portrays how a city that has the worst thrown to it doesn’t dampen the spirit of the common man and how he sees the positive side in every aspect.

He simply loves Bombay (Mumbai) because its the best ever teacher he’s had.

So here it goes: 
@ Bombay Taught Me : Weather you are a millionaire or a ragpicker you must love Samosa pav / Sandwich / Vadapav

@ Bombay Taught Me : Nothing is more important in your life than Money.! Whether you’re alive or dead.!

@ Bombay Taught Me: It makes a lot of difference to catch a 8.55am local than to catch 9.05am local

@ Bombay Taught Me : How to behave, how to tackle problems, how to make friends in just 10mins or how to behave at Global Stage.

@ Bombay Taught Me : Distance is measured in time and not KM

@ Bombay Taught Me :There will always be someone to share the first drop of Monsoon or a pipping hot bhutta with at Marine Drive

@ Bombay Taught Me : That if you can survive this city you can survive the world.

@ Bombay Taught Me : That there is a vast difference between people traveling in Western, Central and Harbour line

@ Bombay Taught Me : That you can own half of a remote village  or buy a 2 BHK in Juhu for the same price.

@ Bombay Taught Me : There is something called 0.5 BHK, and you may not afford it.

@ Bombay Taught Me: How to talk to strangers without feeling awkward

@ Bombay Taught Me : That problems can’t be solved easily but can be kept away for a while by contemplatively sitting near sea

@ Bombay Taught Me : We can have bus friend, train friend, office friend, mohalla friend not only just school or college friend

@ Bombay Taught Me : To fight n never give up in life

~ Ashish Gada